How to Register as a College COACH

Showcase Instructors- Our top tier participants in the event. Must be a head or an assistant coach of their college program. 12 Showcase instructors will be chosen based on availability and assigned to one of the 6 teams of players. These coaches will work closely with the teams introducing them to college level drills, training, and experience playing as a group. 

Evaluators - These participants will receive compensation to do individual evaluations for players that opt for this service. Evaluators will rate players on a variety of different aspects of their game throughout the day, and provide a numerical and descriptive assessment for the players to bring home with them. Players will take this information into account when preparing for college lacrosse. This no holds bar evaluation will be a great tool for players and coaches alike.

Spectator Coaches/Recruiters- Coaches and program representatives can opt to participate in the Michigan Select 99 as spectators. These representatives will be get a front row seat to the showcase and will also be able to participate in a meet and greet with the players.

Schools from all levels of college lacrosse are welcome to attend Michigan Select 99. Head Coaches, Assistant coaches, recruiters, graduate assistant or other representatives may attend.

If you have already attending a previous year then you can log-in to SIplay instead of creating a new account.

Having trouble registering? 
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Michigan Select 99

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